Dec. 22nd, 2010

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I love pretty much everything about Southern holiday food. But I guess my all-time favorite would be the macaroni pie. It's not really a holiday dish, as we ate it pretty regularly when I was growing up, but it WAS always served at Thanksgiving or Christmas.

I also LOVE AND ADORE those canned Hostess hams! LOL. That was the Christmas and Easter tradition at my house. Ha ha. Serve it with mashed taters, macaroni pie, pole-beans cooked with hamhocks, and of course, my Granny's CORNBREAD. Sweet tea to drink. Ooooh, and of course, collard greens and black-eyed peas for New Year!!! OMFG... collard greeeeeens... *drool*

Things I don't like would be anything made with Jell-o, Watergate salad (I think it's sometimes called Ambrosia?) and pecan pie. And ewww, eggnog. *gag*

I'm honestly not too fond of many of the traditional British Christmas food, especially the sweet stuff. I was lucky enough to spend Christmas 2006 with Liam's family. His mother is an AMAAAAAAZING cook. The dinner was ridiculously delicious. But the desserts... ha ha. "Christmas pudding," which is basically a brandy-soaked brick of fruitcake, served drowned in heavy cream. Ugh... I'm not really a fan of cream with cake or pie, to be honest. The first time I was asked, "Would you like cream with your cake?" in England, I assumed they meant whipped cream, and said yes. I was really confused when I was served what appeard to be cake-soup.

Mince-meat pies would be the other British thing I don't like. Liam got a big care package containing both from his parents this year, and he is soooo excited, LOL. Me, I'd rather have a big slice of my Granny's cornbread.

I once went to a Christmas party hosted by a Swedish girl, and she served something called Glogg. (sp?) It was warm red wine, mixed with spices. Dunno if it's a holiday thing, but DAMN it was yummy.

This is my fourth Christmas in Japan. It really has become just another day to me. I'm not religious, so that aspect of it doesn't mean anything to me. I've been away from home for so many Christmases now, it doesn't even phase me. No matter how much Japan tries to be Christmassy, it just seems awkward and weird. (What's up with them celebrating a Christian holiday, anyway? It just seems weird to me. Yeah, there are some Christians here, but most of the population isn't. It would be like if the US suddenly decided that Tanabata or Obon was really cool, and tried to celebrate it. LOL.) This is the first year in ages I haven't had to work on Christmas day. I'm pretty sure it's gonna be just another day for me. Though I WILL be thinking jealously of my family, and all the good food they'll be eating...


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