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Ugh. Every time I think "this summer isn't so bad," I have to do something like cycle a whole whopping two blocks to get groceries, end up sweating profusely, and remember why I always say summer can lick my sweaty ass. Oh, winter, why hast thou forsaken me so????

Not much of interest to report, but I've added so many new people lately, I feel bad for not posting more often.

Spent the last week doing "summer school" lessons... maaaaan, that sucked. I'm totally spoiled, and not used to doing more than 4 lessons in a day any more. We have up to 8, back to back, during our summer school days. I'm soooo glad its over, ha ha. We have a meeting tomorrow in Kiryu, and are supposed to do an "office day" after, but I'm pretty sure my manager has hooked it up so that instead of sitting around a random classroom for 5 hours, we can check out the Kiryu summer festival instead. :D That will be nice. After three years of the same stuff, the Ota matsuri has gotten kinda dull, ha ha. I'll try to take lots of pics!

Going up north for the first time in quite a while August 13-15th for a volunteer trip. It'll be my first time staying overnight. I'm hoping to be able to spend some time at the ocean, at night after our work is done. It will probably be pretty weird, knowing what the sea did a few months ago... but I'd like to spend some time there, and haven't had a chance during any of the day trips.

We're gonna be helping Mr. Fujita, the guy from the video in my last post, clean the mud out of his house, and apparently he needs some walls knocked down. Might be doing sludge-shovelling duty as well. The city drains are still all backed up and need cleaning out.

I'm pretty worried about how I will hold up working in the hot sun. My last few trips were all while the weather was still cool, and even then I sweated myself to death. I do NOT do well with heat. The last thing I want is to become too weak and pass out, and be a drain on the group instead of helping. So... we'll see. The work itself doesn't scare me, even though I often have issues with my knees and with bending over. (Getting older SUCKS, yo.) I just work at a steady pace, and take breaks when I need to. It's working in the Heat and Humidity of Doom that I'm worried about.... がんばります!

In other news, I recently got my first smart phone; a purty pink Android. Had it a week, and all I can figure out how to do with it is Rickroll myself. The phone is definitely smarter than I am...
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