Sep. 10th, 2011

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I posted this in some miniature-collecting communities I'm in, but I'd be interested to hear your opinions, too:

Hi guys,

Looking for honest advice from people who appreciate the cuteness of miniatures!

Five years ago, I lived in England for a year. (I'm fom the US.) I was looking around a toy shop and saw Sylvanian Families for the first time. I don't remember ever having them in the US, and totally lost my mind over how CUUUUUTE they are! I bought a single baby bunny figure as a souvenir, but nothing else.

I moved to Japan about four years ago. Upon moving here, I started collecting miniatures in earnest for the first time. I finally had the disposable income to do so, and LOVE getting the "mystery boxes" of miniatures that are popular here. I figure they're cute, usually Japanese-ish, will make great souvenirs for myself when I return home, and will be easy to bring with me, since they're so small. I display them in shadowboxes hung in my apartment.

Sylvanian families are really popular here. Not only that, but they have special Japanese sets I'm pretty sure you wouldn't find in other countries... Japanese-style lunch sets, etc. Every time I go to a toy shop, I squee over how stinkin' CUUUUUTE they are! Particularly the little accessories. (My local supermarket is in a big department store with a toy section, and I always make a special trip to the toys to squee over them!)

But... I'm 30 years old. I don't have any kids. I'm running out of places to display stuff. (My apartment is TINY!) But dammit... the Sylvanian stuff is just so CUUUUUUUTE! My boyfriend often offers to buy the sets for me, and I always tell him no, I'm too old for it, what am I gonna do with it, blah blah blah.

Do you think it would be silly of me to start collecting Sylvanian family stuff? I'm mostly interested in the accessories, not so much the actual dolls. (Though the dolls are very cute.) Is it creepy or weird for a grown woman to have such a collection? I find my mystery-box minis to be more of a kitschy, grown-up type thing. The Sylvanian stuff isn't so kitschy, just really stinkin' cute. I know it is silly, but I waaaaaant it! Ha ha.

Halp! Your opinion is appreciated! :)

ETA: Seriously, just look at how effing CUTE they are!


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