Aug. 10th, 2011

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My first job was at a shitty local restaurant called Carson's Country Kitchen. I was 15. I worked with a girl named Anna, who was a high school senior, and her boyfriend DeWayne, the fry cook. A few weeks before Anna's graduation, she was in a bad car accident, and was in a coma for months. I quit working there when I turned 16 that November, and at that time, she was still in the coma.

I remember that we'd write "Pray for Anna!" on all our menus each day. Local businesses had the sentiment on their marquees. I remember seeing how DeWayne dealt with the situation, being really depressed for the first few months, visiting her in the hospital every day, then slowly growing distant as time passed and Anna made little progress. I remember him telling me that the doctors said she'd likely have a lot of brain damage and need tons of rehab if she ever woke up. I remember being FURIOUS when I learned that he was fucking around with one of the skanky waitresses not long before I quit. Looking back, I guess I shouldn't have judged him. He was a grown man, and who am I to tell someone how to deal with such a tragic situation.

Anyway, over the years, I have often wondered about Anna; wondered if she ever came out of the coma, and what kind of life she was left with if she did. The local news quit reporting it after a while, and I eventually went to college, then moved away.

About a week ago, someone started a group on Facebook for people to post their memories from our high school. On a lark, I asked if anyone knew anything about Anna. Less than 5 minutes later, someone replied that she was on their friend list! WOW. Technology is amazing.

I sent her a friend request, explaining who I am, since she probably doesn't remember me. From what I can see of her profile, it looks like she is leading a pretty normal life. That makes me really happy. I didn't ask her about the accident, as it is probably the last thing she wants to talk about, but I did say that I was happy to see her on Facebook, and glad she was doing okay.

Nearly 15 years of wondering, and all it took was 5 minutes and a Facebook post to find out. Wow.

I'm so glad to hear that she made it. Who knows, she might even remember teaching me how to make bathtub liquor for parties! Ha ha.

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