Jul. 1st, 2011

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Well, I can't deny it any longer. Summer is here, with all the loathsome heat and humidity it brings to this region of Japan. As I have mentioned numerous times, I absolutely HATE summer. and yet I keep moving to hot places. I went to colleg in Charleston, SC. When I was in England, they had their hottest summer on record. Now I'm here, veeeery close to the cities which normally have the highest summer temps in all of Japan (Kumagaya and either Isesaki, Takasaki, or Tatebayashi... can't remember which one, as they all sound similar, heh.)

I very much want to avoid a repeat of last summer. I found myself in a horrible depressive funk from June until October, when it finally started cooling down. I blamed it on the heat at the time. Truthfully, the heat WAS the biggest part of it. Feeling like you are literally going to die any time you leave your apartment will do that to you. With the sun beating down on me, burning my skin within 5 minutes, and the heat and humidity of DOOM making me feel like I can't breathe, I felt thisclose to fainting nearly every day. I do NOT take heat well. Simply eating a bowl of ramen in a stuffy restaurant was enough to make me pass out back in, oh what was that, Feb, March? I woke up face down on the pavement, with a mouth full of dirt. So Japanese summer and I do not mix very well.

However, I was also working a very high-stress job last summer. I'd been there for three years and was just DONE. Then I switched jobs, and found myself VERY broke for a few months.

This year, I'm in a much better job, with a MUCH lighter work schedule. I've since re-discovered my old hobbies (crafting, sewing, embroidery, etc.) My financial status is pretty stable, even if I'm not exactly flush. I've joined a gym and can now go swimming any time I want. :D Liam and I are doing great. It's now been a total of 4.5 years (WOW!) and we've actually lived in the same country for the last 1.5 years, lol. We have our squabbles, but overall things are pretty smooth. I'm eating better (or trying to, at least!) and getting more exercise. I'm going up to Ishinomaki with my friends when I can, doing volunteer work that makes me feel like I'm actually being useful as a human, for once.

So, if I can just try to not let the heat and humidity get to me, I'll hopefully avoid a repeat of last summer. I live in JAPAN, for Pete's sake! I should be enjoying it more than I have been recently.

So, がんばります。

I'd also like to exhume my journal from the dead. Post more often. More pics and stories from Japan. Maybe something about my misadventures in cooking. Maybe about my rediscovered crafting hobbies? So tell me, how would you feel if I sometimes posted about my crafting or cooking? Not all the time, not every day, not even every week. I don't have the time or motivation to craft THAT prolifically, ha ha. Hopefully, posting that stuff occasionally wouldn't bore you all to tears. What say ye?

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